• 0.1g-120g Digital Pocket Weight Scale
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0.1g-120g Digital Pocket Weight Scale

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    The unit is easily carried in a pocket, hand bag, etc.,just like a calculator. This unique design is completely different from conventional scales, and it has a wide variety of uses:

  • Laboratory scale
  • Letter/postage scale
  • Diet scale
  • Dietician/Doctor(mixture of medicine)
  • Medical/clinical use
  • Weighing precious stones and metals such as gold
  • Weighing ingredients,herbs,etc.



  • 1. Miniature pocket size
  • 2. Professional accuracy of 0.1g
  • 3. Simple operation and easy-to-read LCD display
  • 4. Tare/net weighing is standard
  • 5. Low battery warning
  • 6. Energy saving Auto-Off funtion
  • 7. 3*LR44 alkaline batteries (included) 


How to use :

  • 1. Place the unit on a flat.even surface and keep horizontal
  • 2. Press the "ON/TRAE" switch."8888" will be displayed.After approximately 2 seconds,the display will change to "0.0" .The unit is then ready to use
  • 3. Place the object to be weighed on the weighing tray.The display will indicate the weight of the object.If the weight exceeds the unit's maximum capacity,the letters "EEEE" will be displayed,indicating an overload
  • 4. TARE Function
    While the scale is on.place the container to be tared on the weighing tray.The display will indicate the weight of the container.Press the "ON/TARE" Switch and the display will then indicate "0.0".When an object to be weighed is placed in the container.Only the weight of the object will be displayed.Additional objects can be weighed individually by pressing the "ON/TARE" switch each time and returning the display to "0.0".This can be continued until the maximum weighing capacity has been reached
  • 5. Auto power Off
    If weighing has been completed and the weight on the scale has no changed for 3 minutes.the scale will automatically switch off, to save battery life
  • 6.Battery Replacement
    If the display indicates"LO,"press the "OFF" switch and replace the batteries



  • 2. Capacity & Graduation: Metric Version 120g by 0.1
  • 3. Power Supply: 3pcs.Alkaling batteries (LR44)


Packing including:

  • Jewelry Digital Scale × 1
  • Leather Pouch × 1
  • User Manual × 1


Cell jammer Cell jammer

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