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  • High Speed USB Professional Programmer EEPROM FLASH ISP SP8-B 40 Pins 24 25 93
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High Speed USB Professional Programmer EEPROM FLASH ISP SP8-B 40 Pins 24 25 93

  • item#: LS-HM705B
  • Price: 44.95

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      SP8-B is mass production edition: It supports programming of online mass production, automatically detects whether the chips are placed well and then automatically starts programming. You can connect several programmers to one computer for synchronous and asynchronous high-speed programming. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency.


      • The programmer automatically detects the position of chips, and starts the automatic programming.
      • USB2.0 communication interfaces (real USB interfaces, not USB to serial ports or simulated USB ports)
      • Exquisite shells customized with opening moulds, small (size: 103x71x23mm), and convenient to use and carry
      • Supports nearly all 93/24/25/BR90 memories, and supports more chips through software upgrade
      • Supports ISP program. On-board patch chips can be directly connected to be programmed
      • Standard 40Pin ZIF socket, applicable to wide/narrow chips and general adapters
      • Supports contact detection for pins, thus improving the reliability of programming
      • Perfect over-current and ESD protection, and protection against accidental damages caused by misplaced or destroyed chips to programmers and computer USB ports
      • With mass production program, SP8 automatically detects the position of chips and then starts program operation
      • LED and buzzer present voice prompt for success or failure. It operates easy and you can perform mass program
      • Supports low-voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips
      • Provides self-detection for devices
      • Supports WinXP, VISTA, Win7(32bit/64bit)

      Packing including:

      • 1 x programmer Host
      • 1 x USB Line
      • 1 x 10Pin ISP download cable (10-chip 10-color ribbon cable with 10 single DuPont heads at the output terminal)
      • 1 x Driving CD

      List of supportive devices:

        ACE Technology [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        ACE24C02 ACE24C02 [SOP8] ACE24C02 [TSSOP8] ACE24C04
        ACE24C04 [SOP8] ACE24C04 [TSSOP8] ACE24C08 ACE24C08 [SOP8]
        ACE24C08 [TSSOP8] ACE24C08A ACE24C08A [SOP8] ACE24C08A [TSSOP8]
        ACE24C128 ACE24C128 [SOP8] ACE24C128 [TSSOP8] ACE24C16
        ACE24C16 [SOP8] ACE24C16 [TSSOP8] ACE24C256 ACE24C256 [SOP8]
        ACE24C256 [TSSOP8] ACE24C32 ACE24C32 [SOP8] ACE24C32 [TSSOP8]
        ACE24C32A ACE24C32A [SOP8] ACE24C32A [TSSOP8] ACE24C64
        ACE24C64 [SOP8] ACE24C64 [TSSOP8] ACE24C64A ACE24C64A [SOP8]
        ACE24C64A [TSSOP8] ACE24LC02 ACE24LC02 [SOP8] ACE24LC02 [TSSOP8]
        ACE24LC04 ACE24LC04 [SOP8] ACE24LC04 [TSSOP8] ACE24LC08
        ACE24LC08 [SOP8] ACE24LC08 [TSSOP8] ACE24LC08A ACE24LC08A [SOP8]
        ACE24LC08A [TSSOP8] ACE24LC16 ACE24LC16 [SOP8] ACE24LC16 [TSSOP8]
        Actrans [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        AC25LV010 [ISP] AC25LV010 [SO8] AC25LV512 [ISP] AC25LV512 [SO8]
        AiT [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        A24C02 A24C02 [SOP8] A24C02 [TSSOP8] A24C04
        A24C04 [SOP8] A24C04 [TSSOP8] A24C08 A24C08 [SOP8]
        A24C08 [TSSOP8] A24C128 A24C128 [SOP8] A24C128 [TSSOP8]
        A24C16 A24C16 [SOP8] A24C16 [TSSOP8] A24C256
        A24C256 [SOP8] A24C256 [TSSOP8] A24C32 A24C32 [SOP8]
        A24C32 [TSSOP8] A24C64 A24C64 [SOP8] A24C64 [TSSOP8]
        A93C46 A93C46 [SOP8] A93C46 [TSSOP8] A93C56
        A93C56 [SOP8] A93C56 [TSSOP8] A93C66 [SOP8] A93C66 [TSSOP8]
        AKM [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        AK6416A [SSOP8] AK6420A AK6420AF [SOP8] AK6420AM [SSOP8]
        AK6440A AK6440AF [SOP8] AK6440AM [SSOP8] AK6480A
        AK6480AF [SOP8] AK6480AM [SSOP8] AK93C41A [TSSOP8] AK93C45ANF [SOP8]
        AK93C45AV [TSSOP8] AK93C45BH [MSOP8] AK93C46 AK93C51A [TSSOP8]
        AK93C55ANF [SOP8] AK93C55AV [TSSOP8] AK93C55BH [MSOP8] AK93C56
        AK93C61A [TSSOP8] AK93C65ANF [SOP8] AK93C65AV [TSSOP8] AK93C65BH [MSOP8]
        AK93C75ANF [SOP8] AK93C75AV [TSSOP8] AK93C75BH [MSOP8] AK93C85AF [SOP8]
        AK93C85AM [SSOP8]
        AMIC [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        A25LQ32A A25LQ32A [SOP8]
        Anachip [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        AM24LC02 AM24LC02 [SOIC8] AM24LC02 [TSSOP8] AM24LC04
        AM24LC04 [SOIC8] AM24LC04 [TSSOP8] AM24LC08 AM24LC08 [SOIC8]
        AM24LC16 AM24LC16 [SOIC8] AM93LC46 AM93LC46 [SOIC8]
        AM93LC46(G) [SOIC8] AM93LC56 AM93LC56 [SOIC8] AM93LC56G [SOIC8]
        AM93LC66 AM93LC66 [SOIC8] AM93LC66(G) [SOIC8] AM93LC86
        AM93LC86 [SOIC8] AM93LC86 [TSSOP8]
        APLUS [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        AF24BC01 AF24BC01 [SOIC8] AF24BC01 [TSSOP8] AF24BC02
        AF24BC02 [SOIC8] AF24BC02 [TSSOP8] AF24BC04 AF24BC04 [SOIC8]
        AF24BC04 [TSSOP8] AF24BC08 AF24BC08 [SOIC8] AF24BC08 [TSSOP8]
        AF24BC128 AF24BC128 [SOIC8] AF24BC128 [TSSOP8] AF24BC16
        AF24BC16 [SOIC8] AF24BC16 [TSSOP8] AF24BC256 AF24BC256 [SOIC8]
        AF24BC256 [TSSOP8] AF24BC32 AF24BC32 [SOIC8] AF24BC32 [TSSOP8]
        AF24BC64 AF24BC64 [SOIC8] AF24BC64 [TSSOP8] AF93BC46
        AF93BC46 [SOIC8] AF93BC46 [TSSOP8] AF93BC56 AF93BC56 [SOIC8]
        AF93BC56 [TSSOP8] AF93BC66 AF93BC66 [SOIC8] AF93BC66 [TSSOP8]
        AF93BC86 AF93BC86 [SOIC8] AF93BC86 [TSSOP8]
        Artschip [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        24AA128 24AA128 [SOIC8-150] 24AA128 [SOIC8-208] 24AA64
        24AA64 [SOIC8-150] 24AA64 [SOIC8-208] 24LC01B 24LC01B [MSOP8]
        24LC01B [SOIC8] 24LC01B [TSSOP8] 24LC02B 24LC02B [MSOP8]
        24LC02B [SOIC8] 24LC02B [TSSOP8] 24LC04B 24LC04B [MSOP8]
        24LC04B [SOIC8] 24LC04B [TSSOP8] 24LC08B 24LC08B [MSOP8]
        24LC08B [SOIC8] 24LC08B [TSSOP8] 24LC128 24LC128 [SOIC8-150]
        24LC128 [SOIC8-208] 24LC16B 24LC16B [MSOP8] 24LC16B [SOIC8]
        24LC16B [TSSOP8] 24LC32B 24LC32B [SOIC8] 24LC32B [TSSOP8]
        24LC64 24LC64 [SOIC8-208] 24LC64 [SOIC8-250] 24LC64B
        24LC64B [SOIC8] 24LC64B [TSSOP8]
        ATC [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        24C02 24C02 [SOP8] 24C02W 24C02W [SOP8]
        24C04 24C04 [SOP8] 24C04P 24C04P [SOP8]
        24C08 24C08 [SOP8] 24LC02 24LC02 [SOP8]
        24LC02W 24LC02W [SOP8] 24LC04 24LC04 [SOP8]
        24LC08 24LC08 [SOP8] 93C46 93C46 [SOP8]
        93C56 93C56 [SOP8] 93C66 93C66 [SOP8]
        93LC46 93LC46 [SOP8] 93LC56 93LC56 [SOP8]
        93LC66 93LC66 [SOP8]
        Atmel [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        AT24C01 AT24C01 [MSOP8] AT24C01 [SOIC8] AT24C01 [TSSOP8]
        AT24C01A AT24C01A [MSOP8] AT24C01A [SOIC8] AT24C01A [TSSOP8]
        AT24C01B AT24C01B [TSSOP8] AT24C01BN [SOIC8] AT24C02
        AT24C02 [MSOP8] AT24C02 [TSSOP8] AT24C02A AT24C02A [TSSOP8]
        AT24C02AN [SOIC8] AT24C02B AT24C02B [TSSOP8] AT24C02BN [SOIC8]
        AT24C02C AT24C02C [SOIC8] AT24C02C [TSSOP8] AT24C02N [SOIC8]
        AT24C04 AT24C04 [TSSOP8] AT24C04A AT24C04A [TSSOP8]
        AT24C04AN [SOIC8] AT24C04B AT24C04B [TSSOP8] AT24C04BN [SOIC8]
        AT24C04N [SOIC8] AT24C08 AT24C08 [TSSOP8] AT24C08A
        AT24C08A [TSSOP8] AT24C08AN [SOIC8] AT24C08B AT24C08B [TSSOP8]
        AT24C08BN [SOIC8] AT24C08N [SOIC8] AT24C1024 AT24C1024B
        AT24C1024B [TSSOP8] AT24C1024BN [SOIC8] AT24C1024BW [SOIC8] AT24C1024W [SOIC8]
        AT24C11 AT24C11 [SOIC8] AT24C11 [TSSOP8] AT24C128
        AT24C128-1.8 AT24C128B AT24C128B [TSSOP8] AT24C128BN [SOIC8]
        AT24C128C [SOIC8] AT24C128C [TSSOP8] AT24C128N [SOIC8] AT24C128N-1.8 [SOIC8]
        AT24C128W [SOIC8] AT24C128W-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24C16 AT24C16 [TSSOP8]
        AT24C164 AT24C164 [SOIC8] AT24C16A AT24C16A [TSSOP8]
        AT24C16AN [SOIC8] AT24C16B AT24C16B [TSSOP8] AT24C16BN [SOIC8]
        AT24C16C AT24C16C [SOIC8] AT24C16C [TSSOP8] AT24C16N [SOIC8]
        AT24C21 AT24C21 [SOIC8] AT24C256 AT24C256-1.8
        AT24C256B AT24C256B [TSSOP8] AT24C256BN [SOIC8] AT24C256BW [SOIC8]
        AT24C256C [SOIC8] AT24C256C [TSSOP8] AT24C256N [SOIC8] AT24C256N-1.8 [SOIC8]
        AT24C256W [SOIC8] AT24C256W-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24C32 AT24C32 [TSSOP8]
        AT24C32-1.8 AT24C32-1.8 [TSSOP8] AT24C32-2.5 AT24C32-2.5 [TSSOP8]
        AT24C32-2.7 AT24C32-2.7 [TSSOP8] AT24C32A AT24C32A [TSSOP8]
        AT24C32AN [SOIC8] AT24C32AW [SOIC8] AT24C32B AT24C32B [TSSOP8]
        AT24C32BN [SOIC8] AT24C32C AT24C32C [SOIC8] AT24C32C [TSSOP8]
        AT24C32D [SOIC8] AT24C32D [TSSOP8] AT24C32N [SOIC8] AT24C32N-1.8 [SOIC8]
        AT24C32N-2.5 [SOIC8] AT24C32N-2.7 [SOIC8] AT24C32W [SOIC8] AT24C32W-1.8 [SOIC8]
        AT24C32W-2.5 [SOIC8] AT24C32W-2.7 [SOIC8] AT24C512 AT24C512 [TSSOP8]
        AT24C512-1.8 AT24C512-1.8 [TSSOP8] AT24C512B AT24C512B [TSSOP8]
        AT24C512BN [SOIC8] AT24C512BW [SOIC8] AT24C512C [SOIC8-150] AT24C512C [SOIC8-200]
        AT24C512C [TSSOP8] AT24C512N [SOIC8] AT24C512N-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24C512W [SOIC8]
        AT24C512W-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24C64 AT24C64 [TSSOP8] AT24C64-1.8
        AT24C64-1.8 [TSSOP8] AT24C64-2.5 AT24C64-2.5 [TSSOP8] AT24C64-2.7
        AT24C64-2.7 [TSSOP8] AT24C64A AT24C64A [TSSOP8] AT24C64AN [SOIC8]
        AT24C64AW [SOIC8] AT24C64B AT24C64B [TSSOP8] AT24C64BN [SOIC8]
        AT24C64C AT24C64C [SOIC8] AT24C64C [TSSOP8] AT24C64D [SOIC8]
        AT24C64D [TSSOP8] AT24C64N [SOIC8] AT24C64N-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24C64N-2.5 [SOIC8]
        AT24C64N-2.7 [SOIC8] AT24C64W [SOIC8] AT24C64W-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24C64W-2.5 [SOIC8]
        AT24C64W-2.7 [SOIC8] AT24CS128 AT24CS128-1.8 AT24CS128N [SOIC8]
        AT24CS128N-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24CS128W [SOIC8] AT24CS128W-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24CS256
        AT24CS256-1.8 AT24CS256W [SOIC8] AT24CS256W-1.8 [SOIC8] AT24HC02B
        AT24HC02B [TSSOP8] AT24HC02BN [SOIC8] AT24HC04B AT24HC04B [TSSOP8]
        AT24HC04BN [SOIC8] AT24RF08C AT24RF08C [SOIC8] AT25010
        AT25010 [ISP] AT25010 [SOIC8] AT25010A AT25010A [ISP]
        AT25010A [SOIC8] AT25010A [TSSOP8] AT25020 AT25020 [ISP]
        AT25020 [SOIC8] AT25020A AT25020A [ISP] AT25020A [SOIC8]
        AT25020A [TSSOP8] AT25040 AT25040 [ISP] AT25040 [SOIC8]
        AT25040A AT25040A [ISP] AT25040A [SOIC8] AT25040A [TSSOP8]
        AT25080 AT25080 [ISP] AT25080 [SOIC8] AT25080A
        AT25080A [ISP] AT25080A [SOIC8] AT25080A [TSSOP8] AT25080B [ISP]
        AT25080B [SOIC8] AT25080B [TSSOP8] AT25128 AT25128 [ISP]
        AT25128 [SOP8] AT25128A AT25128A [ISP] AT25128A [SOIC8]
        AT25128A [TSSOP8] AT25160 AT25160 [ISP] AT25160 [SOIC8]
        AT25160A AT25160A [ISP] AT25160A [SOIC8] AT25160A [TSSOP8]
        AT25160B [ISP] AT25160B [SOIC8] AT25160B [TSSOP8] AT25256
        AT25256 [ISP] AT25256 [SOP8] AT25256A AT25256A [ISP]
        AT25256A [SOP8] AT25256A [TSSOP8] AT25320 AT25320 [ISP]
        AT25320 [SOIC8] AT25320A AT25320A [ISP] AT25320A [SOIC8]
        AT25320A [TSSOP8] AT25320B [ISP] AT25320B [SOIC8] AT25320B [TSSOP8]
        AT25640 AT25640 [ISP] AT25640 [SOIC8] AT25640A
        AT25640A [ISP] AT25640A [SOIC8] AT25640A [TSSOP8] AT25640B [ISP]
        AT25640B [SOIC8] AT25640B [TSSOP8] AT25DF041A [SOIC8-150] AT25DF041A [SOIC8-200]
        AT25DF161 [SOIC8-150] AT25DF161 [SOIC8-208] AT25DF321 [SOIC8] AT25DF321A [SOIC8]
        AT25F512 [SOIC8] AT26DF041 [SOIC8] AT26DF161 [SOIC8] AT26DF161A [SOIC8-150]
        AT26DF161A [SOIC8-200] AT26DF321 [SOIC8] AT26F004 [SOIC8-150] AT26F004 [SOIC8-200]
        AT93C46 AT93C46 [SOIC8] AT93C46 [TSSOP8] AT93C46A
        AT93C46A [SOIC8] AT93C46A [TSSOP] AT93C46B AT93C46B [SOIC8]
        AT93C46C AT93C46C [SOIC8] AT93C46D AT93C46D [SOIC8]
        AT93C46D [TSSOP] AT93C46E AT93C46E [SOIC8] AT93C46E [TSSOP]
        AT93C56 AT93C56 [SOIC8] AT93C56 [TSSOP8] AT93C56A
        AT93C56A [SOIC8] AT93C56A [TSSOP8] AT93C56B [SOIC8] AT93C56B [TSSOP8]
        AT93C57 AT93C57 [SOIC8] AT93C57 [TSSOP8] AT93C66
        AT93C66 [SOIC8] AT93C66 [TSSOP8] AT93C66A AT93C66A [SOIC8]
        AT93C66A [TSSOP8] AT93C66B [SOIC8] AT93C66B [TSSOP8] AT93C86
        AT93C86 [SOIC8] AT93C86 [TSSOP8] AT93C86A AT93C86A [SOIC8]
        AT93C86A [TSSOP8]
        Belling [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        BL24C02 BL24C02 [SOP8] BL24C02 [TSSOP8] BL24C04
        BL24C04 [SOP8] BL24C04 [TSSOP8] BL24C08 BL24C08 [SOP8]
        BL24C08 [TSSOP8] BL24C128 BL24C128 [SOP8] BL24C128 [TSSOP8]
        BL24C16 BL24C16 [SOP8] BL24C16 [TSSOP8] BL24C256
        BL24C256 [SOP8] BL24C256 [TSSOP8] BL93C46 BL93C46 [SOP8]
        BL93C46 [TSSOP8] BL93C56 BL93C56 [SOP8] BL93C56 [TSSOP8]
        BL93C66 BL93C66 [SOP8] BL93C66 [TSSOP8]
        BJX [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        BJX24LC02 BJX24LC02 [SOIC8] BJX24LC02 [TSSOP8] BJX24LC04
        BJX24LC04 [SOIC8] BJX24LC04 [TSSOP8] BJX24LC08 BJX24LC08 [SOIC8]
        BJX24LC08 [TSSOP8] BJX24LC16 BJX24LC16 [SOIC8] BJX24LC16 [TSSOP8]
        Bookly [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        24C02 24C02 [MSOP8] 24C02 [SOIC8] 24C02 [TSSOP8]
        24C04 24C04 [MSOP8] 24C04 [SOIC8] 24C04 [TSSOP8]
        24C08 24C08 [MSOP8] 24C08 [SOIC8] 24C08 [TSSOP8]
        24C16 24C16 [MSOP8] 24C16 [SOIC8] 24C16 [TSSOP8]
        24C32 24C32 [MSOP8] 24C32 [SOIC8] 24C32 [TSSOP8]
        24C64 24C64 [MSOP8] 24C64 [SOIC8] 24C64 [TSSOP8]
        Catalyst (CSI) [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        CAT24AA01 [SOIC8] CAT24AA02 [SOIC8] CAT24AA04 [SOIC8] CAT24AA08 [SOIC8]
        CAT24AC128 CAT24AC128 [SOIC8-150] CAT24AC128 [SOIC8-200] CAT24C00
        CAT24C00 [SOIC8] CAT24C00 [TSSOP8] CAT24C01 CAT24C01 [MSOP8]
        CAT24C01 [SOIC8] CAT24C01 [TSSOP8] CAT24C01B CAT24C01B [MSOP8]
        CAT24C01B [SOIC8] CAT24C01B [TSSOP8] CAT24C02 CAT24C02 [SOIC8]
        CAT24C02 [TSSOP8] CAT24C03 CAT24C03 [SOIC8] CAT24C03 [TSSOP8]
        CAT24C04 CAT24C04 [SOIC8] CAT24C04 [TSSOP8] CAT24C05
        CAT24C05 [SOIC8] CAT24C05 [TSSOP8] CAT24C08 CAT24C08 [SOIC8]
        CAT24C08 [TSSOP8] CAT24C128 CAT24C128 [SOIC8] CAT24C16
        CAT24C16 [SOIC8] CAT24C16 [TSSOP8] CAT24C164 CAT24C164 [SOIC8]
        CAT24C164 [TSSOP8] CAT24C16I CAT24C16Z CAT24C256
        CAT24C256 [SOIC8] CAT24C32 CAT24C32 [SOIC8] CAT24C32 [TSSOP8]
        CAT24C32Z CAT24C64 CAT24C64 [SOIC8-200] CAT24C64 [SOIC8]
        CAT24C64 [TSSOP8] CAT24FC01 CAT24FC01 [MSOP8] CAT24FC01 [SOIC8]
        CAT24FC01 [TSSOP8] CAT24FC02 CAT24FC02 [MSOP8] CAT24FC02 [SOIC8]
        CAT24FC02 [TSSOP8] CAT24FC16 CAT24FC16 [MSOP8] CAT24FC16 [SOIC8]
        CAT24FC16 [TSSOP8] CAT24FC17 CAT24FC17 [MSOP8] CAT24FC17 [SOIC8]
        CAT24FC17 [TSSOP8] CAT24FC256 CAT24FC256 [SOIC8-150] CAT24FC256 [SOIC8-200]
        CAT24FC32 CAT24FC32 [SOIC8-150] CAT24FC32 [SOIC8-200] CAT24FC32 [TSSOP8]
        CAT24FC32A CAT24FC32A [SOIC8-150] CAT24FC32A [SOIC8-200] CAT24FC32A [TSSOP8]
        CAT24FC64 CAT24FC64 [SOIC8-150] CAT24FC64 [SOIC8-200] CAT24FC64 [TSSOP8]
        CAT24FC65 CAT24FC65 [SOIC8-150] CAT24FC65 [SOIC8-200] CAT24FC65 [TSSOP8]
        CAT24FC66 CAT24FC66 [SOIC8-150] CAT24FC66 [SOIC8-200] CAT24FC66 [TSSOP8]
        CAT24LC01 CAT24LC01 [SOIC8] CAT24LC02 CAT24LC02 [SOIC8]
        CAT24LC02A CAT24LC02A [SOIC8] CAT24LC02AZ CAT24LC02Z
        CAT24LC04 CAT24LC04 [SOIC8] CAT24LC04Z CAT24LC08
        CAT24LC08 [SOIC8] CAT24LC08Z CAT24LC128 CAT24LC128 [SOIC8]
        CAT24LC16 CAT24LC16 [SOIC8] CAT24LC16Z CAT24LC256
        CAT24LC256 [SOIC8] CAT24LC32 CAT24LC32 [SOIC8] CAT24LC64
        CAT24LC64 [SOIC8] CAT24WC01 CAT24WC01 [MSOP8] CAT24WC01 [SOIC8]
        CAT24WC01 [TSSOP8] CAT24WC02 CAT24WC02 [MSOP8] CAT24WC02 [SOIC8]
        CAT24WC02 [TSSOP8] CAT24WC03 CAT24WC03 [MSOP8] CAT24WC03 [SOIC8]
        CAT24WC03 [TSSOP8] CAT24WC04 CAT24WC04 [MSOP8] CAT24WC04 [SOIC8]
        CAT24WC04 [TSSOP8] CAT24WC05 CAT24WC05 [MSOP8] CAT24WC05 [SOIC8]
        CAT24WC05 [TSSOP8] CAT24WC08 CAT24WC08 [SOIC8] CAT24WC09
        CAT24WC09 [SOIC8] CAT24WC128 CAT24WC128 [SOIC8] CAT24WC129
        CAT24WC129 [SOIC8] CAT24WC16 CAT24WC16 [SOIC8] CAT24WC164
        CAT24WC164 [MSOP8] CAT24WC164 [SOIC8] CAT24WC164 [TSSOP8] CAT24WC17
        CAT24WC17 [SOIC8] CAT24WC256 CAT24WC256 [SOIC8] CAT24WC257
        CAT24WC257 [SOIC8] CAT24WC32 CAT24WC32 [SOIC8-150] CAT24WC32 [SOIC8-200]
        CAT24WC33 CAT24WC33 [SOIC8-150] CAT24WC33 [SOIC8-200] CAT24WC64
        CAT24WC64 [SOIC8-150] CAT24WC64 [SOIC8-200] CAT24WC65 CAT24WC65 [SOIC8-150]
        CAT24WC65 [SOIC8-200] CAT24WC66 CAT24WC66 [SOIC8-150] CAT24WC66 [SOIC8-200]
        CAT25010 CAT25010 [ISP] CAT25010 [SOIC8] CAT25010 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25020 CAT25020 [ISP] CAT25020 [SOIC8] CAT25020 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25040 CAT25040 [ISP] CAT25040 [SOIC8] CAT25040 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25080 CAT25080 [ISP] CAT25080 [SOIC8] CAT25080 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25160 CAT25160 [ISP] CAT25160 [SOIC8] CAT25160 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25320 CAT25320 [ISP] CAT25320 [SOIC8] CAT25320 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C01 CAT25C01 [ISP] CAT25C01 [SOIC8] CAT25C01 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C02 CAT25C02 [ISP] CAT25C02 [SOIC8] CAT25C02 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C03 CAT25C03 [ISP] CAT25C03 [SOIC8] CAT25C03 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C04 CAT25C04 [ISP] CAT25C04 [SOIC8] CAT25C04 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C05 CAT25C05 [ISP] CAT25C05 [SOIC8] CAT25C05 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C08 CAT25C08 [ISP] CAT25C08 [SOIC8] CAT25C08 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C09 CAT25C09 [ISP] CAT25C09 [SOIC8] CAT25C09 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C11 CAT25C11 [ISP] CAT25C11 [SOIC8] CAT25C11 [TSSOP8]
        CAT25C128 CAT25C128 [ISP] CAT25C128 [SOIC8] CAT25C16
        CAT25C16 [ISP] CAT25C16 [SOIC8] CAT25C16 [TSSOP8] CAT25C17
        CAT25C17 [ISP] CAT25C17 [SOIC8] CAT25C17 [TSSOP8] CAT25C256
        CAT25C256 [ISP] CAT25C256 [SOIC8] CAT25C32 CAT25C32 [ISP]
        CAT25C32 [SOIC8] CAT25C33 CAT25C33 [ISP] CAT25C33 [SOIC8]
        CAT25C64 CAT25C64 [ISP] CAT25C64 [SOIC8] CAT25C65
        CAT25C65 [ISP] CAT25C65 [SOIC8] CAT93C46 CAT93C46 [SOIC8-150]
        CAT93C46 [SOIC8-200] CAT93C46 [TSSOP8] CAT93C46A CAT93C46A [SOIC8-150]
        CAT93C46A [SOIC8-200] CAT93C46AH CAT93C46B CAT93C46B [SOIC8-150]
        CAT93C46B [SOIC8-200] CAT93C46H CAT93C46R(x16) CAT93C46R(x16) [SOIC8-150]
        CAT93C46R(x16) [SOIC8-200] CAT93C46R(x16) [TSSOP8] CAT93C56 CAT93C56 [SOIC8-150]
        CAT93C56 [SOIC8-200] CAT93C56 [TSSOP8] CAT93C56A CAT93C56A [SOIC8-150]
        CAT93C56A [SOIC8-200] CAT93C57 CAT93C57 [SOIC8-150] CAT93C57 [SOIC8-200]
        CAT93C57 [TSSOP8] CAT93C66 CAT93C66 [SOIC8-150] CAT93C66 [SOIC8-200]
        CAT93C66 [TSSOP8] CAT93C66A CAT93C66A [SOIC8-150] CAT93C66A [SOIC8-200]
        CAT93C76(x16) CAT93C76(x16) [SOIC8] CAT93C76(x16) [TSSOP8] CAT93C86
        CAT93C86 [SOIC8-150] CAT93C86 [SOIC8-200] CAT93C86 [TSSOP8] CAT93C86A
        CAT93C86A [SOIC8-150] CAT93C86A [SOIC8-200] CAT93HC46(x16) CAT93HC46(x16) [MSOP8]
        CAT93HC46(x16) [SOIC8-150] CAT93HC46(x16) [TSSOP8]
        CBC Microelectr [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        MC24LC02 MC24LC02 [SOP8] MC24LC02 [TSSOP8] MC24LC04
        MC24LC04 [SOP8] MC24LC04 [TSSOP8] MC24LC08 MC24LC08 [SOP8]
        MC24LC08 [TSSOP8] MC24LC16 MC24LC16 [SOP8] MC24LC16 [TSSOP8]
        Ceramate [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        24LC02 24LC02 [SOIC8] 24LC02 [TSSOP8] 24LC08
        24LC08 [SOIC8] 24LC08 [TSSOP8] 24LC16 24LC16 [SOIC8]
        24LC16 [TSSOP8] 24LLC02 24LLC02 [SOIC8] 24LLC02 [TSSOP8]
        24LLC08 24LLC08 [SOIC8] 24LLC08 [TSSOP8] 24LLC16
        24LLC16 [SOIC8] 24LLC16 [TSSOP8] 93LC46 93LC46 [SOP8]
        93LC46G [SOP8]
        Chipswinner [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        CW24C02 CW24C02 [SOP8] CW24C02 [TSSOP8] CW24C02B
        CW24C02B [SOP8] CW24C02B [TSSOP] CW24C04 CW24C04 [SOP8]
        CW24C04 [TSSOP8] CW24C04A CW24C04A [SOP8] CW24C04A [TSSOP8]
        CW24C08 CW24C08 [SOP8] CW24C08 [TSSOP8] CW24C08B
        CW24C08B [SOP8] CW24C08B [TSSOP8] CW24C16 CW24C16 [SOP8]
        CW24C16 [TSSOP8] CW24C16A CW24C16A [SOP8] CW24C16A [TSSOP8]
        CW24C32 CW24C32 [SOP8] CW24C32 [TSSOP8] CW24C64
        CW24C64 [SOP8] CW24C64 [TSSOP8]
        CKD Technology [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        CKD24A02 CKD24A02 [SOP8]
        Coreriver [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        CR24C01 CR24C01 [SOIC8] CR24C01 [TSSOP8] CR24C02
        CR24C02 [SOIC8] CR24C02 [TSSOP8] CR24C04 CR24C04 [SOIC8]
        CR24C04 [TSSOP8] CR24C08 CR24C08 [SOIC8] CR24C08 [TSSOP8]
        CR24C128 CR24C128 [SOIC8] CR24C128 [TSSOP8] CR24C16
        CR24C16 [SOIC8] CR24C16 [TSSOP8] CR24C256 CR24C256 [SOIC8]
        CR24C32 CR24C32 [SOIC8] CR24C32 [TSSOP8] CR24C64
        CR24C64 [SOIC8] CR24C64 [TSSOP8] CR93C46 CR93C46 [SOIC8]
        CR93C46 [TSSOP8] CR93C46W [SOIC8] CR93C56 CR93C56 [SOIC8]
        CR93C56 [TSSOP8] CR93C56W [SOIC8] CR93C66 CR93C66 [SOIC8]
        CR93C66 [TSSOP8] CR93C66W [SOIC8] CR93C76 CR93C76 [SOIC8]
        CR93C76 [TSSOP8] CR93C86 CR93C86 [SOIC8]
        CY24C01 [SOIC8] CY24C01 [TSSOP8] CY24C02 [SOIC8] CY24C02 [TSSOP8]
        CY24C04 [SOIC8] CY24C04 [TSSOP8] CY24C08 [SOIC8] CY24C08 [TSSOP8]
        CY24C16 [SOIC8] CY24C16 [TSSOP8] CY25C01 [SOIC8] CY25C01 [TSSOP8]
        CY25C02 [SOIC8] CY25C02 [TSSOP8] CY25C04 [SOIC8] CY25C04 [TSSOP8]
        CY25C08 [SOIC8] CY25C08 [TSSOP8] CY25C16 [SOIC8] CY25C16 [TSSOP8]
        CY93C01 [SOIC8] CY93C01 [TSSOP8] CY93C02 [SOIC8] CY93C02 [TSSOP8]
        CY93C04 [SOIC8] CY93C04 [TSSOP8] CY93C08 [SOIC8] CY93C08 [TSSOP8]
        CY93C16 [SOIC8] CY93C16 [TSSOP8]
        E-CMOS [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        EC24C02 [SOIC8] EC24C02 [TSSOP8] EC24C02A [SOP8] EC24C02A [TSSOP8]
        EC24C04 [SOIC8] EC24C04 [TSSOP8] EC24C04A [SOP8] EC24C04A [TSSOP8]
        EC24C08 [SOIC8] EC24C08 [TSSOP8] EC24C08A [SOP8] EC24C08A [TSSOP8]
        EC24C128 [SOIC8] EC24C128 [TSSOP8] EC24C128A [SOP8] EC24C128A [TSSOP8]
        EC24C16 [SOIC8] EC24C16 [TSSOP8] EC24C16A [SOP8] EC24C16A [TSSOP8]
        EC24C256A [SOP8] EC24C256A [TSSOP8] EC24C32 [SOIC8] EC24C32 [TSSOP8]
        EC24C32A [SOP8] EC24C32A [TSSOP8] EC24C64 [SOIC8] EC24C64 [TSSOP8]
        EC24C64A [SOP8] EC24C64A [TSSOP8] EC93C46A [SOP8] EC93C46B [SOP8]
        EON [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        EN25B05 [ISP] EN25B05 [SOP8] EN25B05T [ISP] EN25B05T [SOP8]
        EN25B10 [ISP] EN25B10 [SOP8] EN25B10T [ISP] EN25B10T [SOP8]
        EN25B16 [ISP] EN25B16 [SOP8] EN25B16T [ISP] EN25B16T [SOP8]
        EN25B20 [ISP] EN25B20 [SOP8] EN25B20T [ISP] EN25B20T [SOP8]
        EN25B32 EN25B32 [ISP] EN25B32 [SOP8] EN25B32T
        EN25B32T [ISP] EN25B32T [SOP8] EN25B40 EN25B40 [ISP]
        EN25B40 [SOP8-150] EN25B40 [SOP8-200] EN25B40T EN25B40T [ISP]
        EN25B40T [SOP8-150] EN25B40T [SOP8-200] EN25B64 [SOP16] EN25B64T [SOP16]
        EN25B80 EN25B80 [ISP] EN25B80 [SOP8] EN25B80T
        EN25B80T [ISP] EN25B80T [SOP8] EN25D16 EN25D16 [ISP]
        EN25D16 [SOP8] EN25D80 EN25D80 [ISP] EN25D80 [SOP8]
        EN25F05 [ISP] EN25F05 [SOP8] EN25F10 [ISP] EN25F10 [SOP8]
        EN25F16 EN25F16 [ISP] EN25F16 [SOP8] EN25F20 [ISP]
        EN25F20 [SOP8] EN25F32 EN25F32 [ISP] EN25F32 [SOP8]
        EN25F40 EN25F40 [ISP] EN25F40 [SOP8-150] EN25F40 [SOP8-200]
        EN25F64 EN25F64 [SOP8] EN25F80 EN25F80 [ISP]
        EN25F80 [SOP8] EN25P05 [ISP] EN25P05 [SOP8] EN25P10 [ISP]
        EN25P10 [SOP8] EN25P16 [ISP] EN25P16 [SOP16] EN25P16 [SOP8]
        EN25P20 [ISP] EN25P20 [SOP8] EN25P32 [ISP] EN25P32 [SOP16]
        EN25P32 [SOP8] EN25P40 [ISP] EN25P40 [SOP8-150] EN25P40 [SOP8-200]
        EN25P64 [SOP16] EN25P80 [ISP] EN25P80 [SOP8] EN25Q128 [SOP16]
        EN25Q16A EN25Q16A [SOP8-150] EN25Q16A [SOP8-200] EN25Q32B
        EN25Q32B [SOP8] EN25Q40 [SOP8] EN25Q64 EN25Q64 [SOP16]
        EN25Q64 [SOP8] EN25Q80A EN25Q80A [SOP8-150] EN25Q80A [SOP8-200]
        EN25QH16 EN25QH16 [SOP8-150] EN25QH16 [SOP8-200] EN25QH32
        EN25QH32 [SOP16] EN25QH32 [SOP8] EN25T80 EN25T80 [ISP]
        EN25T80 [SOP8]
        Eorex [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        EM24LC02 [SOIC8] EM93LC46(x16) EM93LC46(x16) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC46(x16) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC46(x16) [TSSOP8] EM93LC46(x8) EM93LC46(x8) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC46(x8) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC46(x8) [TSSOP8] EM93LC46J/W(x16) [SOIC8] EM93LC46J/W(x8) [SOIC8] EM93LC56(x16)
        EM93LC56(x16) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC56(x16) [SOIC8] EM93LC56(x16) [TSSOP8] EM93LC56(x8)
        EM93LC56(x8) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC56(x8) [SOIC8] EM93LC56(x8) [TSSOP8] EM93LC56J/W(x16) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC56J/W(x8) [SOIC8] EM93LC57(x16) EM93LC57(x16) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC57(x16) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC57(x16) [TSSOP8] EM93LC57(x8) EM93LC57(x8) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC57(x8) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC57(x8) [TSSOP8] EM93LC57J/W(x16) [SOIC8] EM93LC57J/W(x8) [SOIC8] EM93LC66(x16)
        EM93LC66(x16) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC66(x16) [SOIC8] EM93LC66(x16) [TSSOP8] EM93LC66(x8)
        EM93LC66(x8) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC66(x8) [SOIC8] EM93LC66(x8) [TSSOP8] EM93LC66J/W(x16) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC66J/W(x8) [SOIC8] EM93LC86(x16) EM93LC86(x16) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC86(x16) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC86(x16) [TSSOP8] EM93LC86(x8) EM93LC86(x8) [SOIC8-200] EM93LC86(x8) [SOIC8]
        EM93LC86(x8) [TSSOP8] EM93LC86J/W(x16) [SOIC8] EM93LC86J/W(x8) [SOIC8]
        ESMT [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        F25L004A F25L004A [SOIC8-150] F25L004A [SOIC8-200] F25L008A
        F25L008A [SOIC8-150] F25L008A [SOIC8-200] F25L016A F25L016A [SOIC8-150]
        F25L016A [SOIC8-200]
        Estek [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        24C02 24C02 [SOP8] 24C02 [TSSOP8] 24C04
        24C04 [SOP8] 24C04 [TSSOP8] 24C08 24C08 [SOP8]
        24C08 [TSSOP8] 24C16 24C16 [SOP8] 24C16 [TSSOP8]
        24C32 24C32 [SOP8] 24C32 [TSSOP8] 24C64
        24C64 [SOP8] 24C64 [TSSOP8]
        ES25M16 [SOP8-208] ES25M16A ES25M16A [SOP8-200] ES25M40 [SOP8-150]
        ES25M40 [SOP8-208] ES25M40A ES25M40A [SOP8-150] ES25M40A [SOP8-200]
        ES25M40A [WSON8] ES25M80 ES25M80 [SOP8-208] ES25M80A
        ES25M80A [SOP8-200] ES25M80A [WSON8] ES25P16 [SOP8-200] ES25P40 [SOP8-150]
        ES25P40 [SOP8-200] ES25P80 ES25P80 [SOP8]
        EXEL [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        XL24C01A XL24C01A [SOIC8] XL24C02 XL24C02 [SOIC8]
        XL24C04 XL24C04 [SOIC8] XL24C08 XL24C08 [SOIC8]
        XL24C16 XL24C16 [SOIC8] XL24C163 XL24C163 [SOIC8]
        XL24C164 XL24C164 [SOIC8] XL93C46 XL93C46J [SOIC8]
        XL93C66 XL93C66J [SOIC8] XL93LC46 XL93LC46A
        XL93LC46ARY [SOIC8] XL93LC46B XL93LC46BRY [SOIC8] XL93LC46RY [SOIC8]
        XL93LC56 XL93LC56A XL93LC56ARY [SOIC8] XL93LC56B
        XL93LC56BRY [SOIC8] XL93LC56RY [SOIC8] XL93LC66 XL93LC66A
        XL93LC66ARY [SOIC8] XL93LC66B XL93LC66BRY [SOIC8] XL93LC66RY [SOIC8]
        Fairchild [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        FM24C02U FM24C02U [SOIC8] FM24C02U [TSSOP8] FM24C02UF
        FM24C02UF [SOIC8] FM24C02UF [TSSOP8] FM24C03U FM24C03U [SOIC8]
        FM24C03U [TSSOP8] FM24C03UF FM24C03UF [SOIC8] FM24C03UF [TSSOP8]
        FM24C04U FM24C04U [SOIC8] FM24C04U [TSSOP8] FM24C04UF
        FM24C04UF [SOIC8] FM24C04UF [TSSOP8] FM24C05U FM24C05U [SOIC8]
        FM24C05U [TSSOP8] FM24C05UF FM24C05UF [SOIC8] FM24C05UF [TSSOP8]
        FM24C08U FM24C08U [SOIC8] FM24C08U [TSSOP8] FM24C08UF
        FM24C08UF [SOIC8] FM24C08UF [TSSOP8] FM24C09U FM24C09U [SOIC8]
        FM24C09U [TSSOP8] FM24C09UF FM24C09UF [SOIC8] FM24C09UF [TSSOP8]
        FM24C128 FM24C128 [SOIC8] FM24C128 [TSSOP8] FM24C128F
        FM24C128F [SOIC8] FM24C128F [TSSOP8] FM24C16U FM24C16U [SOIC8]
        FM24C16UF FM24C16UF [SOIC8] FM24C17U FM24C17U [SOIC8]
        FM24C17UF FM24C17UF [SOIC8] FM24C256 FM24C256 [SOIC8]
        FM24C256F FM24C256F [SOIC8] FM24C32U FM24C32U [SOIC8]
        FM24C32UF FM24C32UF [SOIC8] FM24C64 FM24C64 [SOIC8]
        FM24C64 [TSSOP8] FM24C64F FM24C64F [SOIC8] FM24C64F [TSSOP8]
        FM25C020U FM25C020U [SOIC8] FM25C020U [TSSOP8 FM25C040U
        FM25C040U [SOIC8] FM25C040U [TSSOP8 FM25C041U FM25C041U [SOIC8]
        FM25C041U [TSSOP8 FM25C160U FM25C160U [SOIC8] FM25C640U
        FM25C640U [SOIC8] FM93C46 FM93C46 [SOIC8] FM93C46 [TSSOP8]
        FM93C46A FM93C46A [SOIC8] FM93C46A [TSSOP8] FM93C56
        FM93C56 [SOIC8] FM93C56 [TSSOP8] FM93C56A FM93C56A [SOIC8]
        FM93C56A [TSSOP8] FM93C66 FM93C66 [SOIC8] FM93C66 [TSSOP8]
        FM93C66A FM93C66A [SOIC8] FM93C66A [TSSOP8] FM93C86A
        FM93C86A [SOIC8] NM24C02 NM24C02 [SOIC8] NM24C02 [TSSOP8]
        NM24C02F NM24C02F [SOIC8] NM24C02F [TSSOP8] NM24C02U
        NM24C02U [SOIC8] NM24C02U [TSSOP8] NM24C03 NM24C03 [SOIC8]
        NM24C03 [TSSOP8] NM24C03F NM24C03F [SOIC8] NM24C03F [TSSOP8]
        NM24C03U NM24C03U [SOIC8] NM24C03U [TSSOP8] NM24C04
        NM24C04 [SOIC8] NM24C04 [TSSOP8] NM24C04F NM24C04F [SOIC8]
        NM24C04F [TSSOP8] NM24C04U NM24C05 NM24C05 [SOIC8]
        NM24C05 [TSSOP8] NM24C05F NM24C05F [SOIC8] NM24C05F [TSSOP8]
        NM24C05U NM24C08 NM24C08 [SOIC8] NM24C08 [TSSOP8]
        NM24C08F NM24C08F [SOIC8] NM24C08F [TSSOP8] NM24C08U
        NM24C08U [SOIC8] NM24C08U [TSSOP8] NM24C09 NM24C09 [SOIC8]
        NM24C09 [TSSOP8] NM24C09F NM24C09F [SOIC8] NM24C09F [TSSOP8]
        NM24C09U NM24C09U [SOIC8] NM24C09U [TSSOP8] NM24C16
        NM24C16 [SOIC8] NM24C16 [TSSOP8] NM24C16F NM24C16F [SOIC8]
        NM24C16F [TSSOP8] NM24C16U NM24C17 NM24C17 [SOIC8]
        NM24C17F NM24C17F [SOIC8] NM24C17U NM24C32
        NM24C32 [SOIC8] NM24C32 [TSSOP8] NM24C32F NM24C32F [SOIC8]
        NM24C32F [TSSOP8] NM24C32U NM24C65 NM24C65 [SOIC8]
        NM24C65F NM24C65F [SOIC8] NM24W02 NM24W02 [SO8]
        NM24W02 [TSSOP8] NM24W04 NM24W04 [SO8] NM24W04 [TSSOP8]
        NM24W08 NM24W08 [SO8] NM24W08 [TSSOP8] NM24W16
        NM24W16 [SO8] NM24W16 [TSSOP8] NM25C020 NM25C020 [SOIC8]
        NM25C020 [TSSOP8] NM25C040 NM25C040 [SOIC8] NM25C040 [TSSOP8]
        NM25C041 NM25C041 [SOIC8] NM25C160 NM25C160 [SOIC8]
        NM25C160 [TSSOP8] NM25C640 NM25C640 [SOIC8] NM93C46
        NM93C46 [SOIC8] NM93C46 [TSSOP8] NM93C46A NM93C46A [SOIC8]
        NM93C46A [TSSOP8] NM93C56 NM93C56 [SOIC8] NM93C56 [TSSOP8]
        NM93C56A NM93C56A [SOIC8] NM93C56A [TSSOP8] NM93C66
        NM93C66 [SOIC8] NM93C66 [TSSOP8] NM93C66A NM93C66A [SOIC8]
        NM93C66A [TSSOP8] NM93C86A NM93C86A [SOIC8] NM93C86A [TSSOP8]
        NM93CS46 NM93CS46 [SOIC8] NM93CS46 [TSSOP8] NM93CS56
        NM93CS56 [SOIC8] NM93CS56 [TSSOP8] NM93CS66 NM93CS66 [SOIC8]
        NM93CS66 [TSSOP8]
        Fidelix [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        FM25Q08 FM25Q08 [SOIC8-150] FM25Q08 [SOIC8-200] FM25Q08 [WSON8]
        FM25Q08A FM25Q08A [SOIC8-150] FM25Q08A [SOIC8-200] FM25Q08A [WSON8]
        FM25Q16 FM25Q16 [SOIC8-150] FM25Q16 [SOIC8-200] FM25Q16 [WSON8]
        FM25Q16A FM25Q16A [SOIC8-150] FM25Q16A [SOIC8-200] FM25Q16A [WSON8]
        FM25Q32 FM25Q32 [SOIC8-150] FM25Q32 [SOIC8-200] FM25Q32 [WSON8]
        FM25Q32A FM25Q32A [SOIC8-150] FM25Q32A [SOIC8-200] FM25Q32A [WSON8]
        FM25Q64 FM25Q64 [SOIC8-200] FM25Q64 [WSON8] FM25Q64A
        FM25Q64A [SOIC8-200] FM25Q64A [WSON8] FM25S16A FM25S16A [SOIC8-150]
        FM25S16A [SOIC8-208] FM25S16A [WSON8]
        First Rank [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        T24C02 T24C02 [SOP8] T24C02 [TSSOP8] T24C02A
        T24C02A [SOP8] T24C02A [TSSOP8] T24C04 T24C04 [SOP8]
        T24C04 [TSSOP8] T24C04A T24C04A [SOP8] T24C04A [TSSOP8]
        T24C08 T24C08 [SOP8] T24C08 [TSSOP8] T24C08A
        T24C08A [SOP8] T24C08A [TSSOP8] T24C128 T24C128 [SOP8]
        T24C128 [TSSOP8] T24C128A T24C128A [SOP8] T24C128A [TSSOP8]
        T24C16 T24C16 [SOP8] T24C16 [TSSOP8] T24C16A
        T24C16A [SOP8] T24C16A [TSSOP8] T24C256 T24C256 [SOP8]
        T24C256 [TSSOP8] T24C256A T24C256A [SOP8] T24C256A [TSSOP8]
        T24C32 T24C32 [SOP8] T24C32 [TSSOP8] T24C32A
        T24C32A [SOP8] T24C32A [TSSOP8] T24C64 T24C64 [SOP8]
        T24C64 [TSSOP8] T24C64A T24C64A [SOP8] T24C64A [TSSOP8]
        T93C46 T93C46 [SOIC8] T93C46 [TSSOP8] T93C46A
        T93C46A [TSSOP8] T93C46A[SOIC8] T93C56 T93C56 [SOIC8]
        T93C56 [TSSOP8] T93C56A T93C56A [TSSOP8] T93C56A[SOIC8]
        T93C66 T93C66 [SOIC8] T93C66 [TSSOP8] T93C66A
        T93C66A [TSSOP8] T93C66A[SOIC8]
        Force Technologies [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        FT24C01 FT24C01 [SOIC8] FT24C01 [TSSOP8] FT24C01A
        FT24C01A [SOIC8] FT24C01A [TSSOP8] FT24C02 FT24C02 [SOIC8]
        FT24C02 [TSSOP8] FT24C02A FT24C02A [SOIC8] FT24C02A [TSSOP8]
        FT24C04 FT24C04 [SOIC8] FT24C04 [TSSOP8] FT24C04A
        FT24C04A [SOIC8] FT24C04A [TSSOP8] FT24C08 FT24C08 [SOIC8]
        FT24C08 [TSSOP8] FT24C08A FT24C08A [SOIC8] FT24C08A [TSSOP8]
        FT24C128 FT24C128 [SOIC8] FT24C128 [TSSOP8] FT24C128A
        FT24C128A [SOIC8] FT24C128A [TSSOP8] FT24C16 FT24C16 [SOIC8]
        FT24C16 [TSSOP8] FT24C16A FT24C16A [SOIC8] FT24C16A [TSSOP8]
        FT24C256 FT24C256 [SOIC8] FT24C256 [TSSOP8] FT24C256A
        FT24C256A [SOIC8] FT24C256A [TSSOP8] FT24C256B FT24C256B [SOIC8]
        FT24C256B [TSSOP8] FT24C32 FT24C32 [SOIC8] FT24C32 [TSSOP8]
        FT24C32A FT24C32A [SOIC8] FT24C32A [TSSOP8] FT24C64
        FT24C64 [SOIC8] FT24C64 [TSSOP8] FT24C64A FT24C64A [SOIC8]
        FT24C64A [TSSOP8]
        Forward [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        24LC01 24LC01 [SOIC8] 24LC02 24LC02 [SOIC8]
        24LC04 24LC04 [SOIC8] 24LC08 24LC08 [SOIC8]
        24LC16 24LC16 [SOIC8] 24LC32 24LC32 [SOIC8]
        24LC64 24LC64 [SOIC8]
        Fremont [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        FT24C02 FT24C02 [SOIC8] FT24C02 [TSSOP8] FT24C02A
        FT24C02A [MSOP8] FT24C02A [SOIC8] FT24C02A [TSSOP8] FT24C02A-5
        FT24C02A-5 [SOIC8] FT24C02A-5 [TSSOP8] FT24C04 FT24C04 [SOIC8]
        FT24C04 [TSSOP8] FT24C04A FT24C04A [MSOP8] FT24C04A [SOIC8]
        FT24C04A [TSSOP8] FT24C08 FT24C08 [SOIC8] FT24C08 [TSSOP8]
        FT24C08A FT24C08A [MSOP8] FT24C08A [SOIC8] FT24C08A [TSSOP8]
        FT24C128 FT24C128 [SOIC8] FT24C128 [TSSOP8] FT24C128A
        FT24C128A [MSOP8] FT24C128A [SOIC8] FT24C128A [TSSOP8] FT24C16
        FT24C16 [SOIC8] FT24C16 [TSSOP8] FT24C16A FT24C16A [MSOP8]
        FT24C16A [SOIC8] FT24C16A [TSSOP8] FT24C256 FT24C256 [SOIC8]
        FT24C256 [TSSOP8] FT24C256A FT24C256A [MSOP8] FT24C256A [SOIC8]
        FT24C256A [TSSOP8] FT24C32 FT24C32 [MSOP8] FT24C32 [SOIC8]
        FT24C32 [TSSOP8] FT24C32A FT24C32A [MSOP8] FT24C32A [SOIC8]
        FT24C32A [TSSOP8] FT24C512 FT24C512 [SOIC8] FT24C512 [TSSOP8]
        FT24C512A FT24C512A [SOIC8] FT24C512A [TSSOP8] FT24C64
        FT24C64 [MSOP8] FT24C64 [SOIC8] FT24C64 [TSSOP8] FT24C64A
        FT24C64A [MSOP8] FT24C64A [SOIC8] FT24C64A [TSSOP8] FT93C46(x16)
        FT93C46(x16) [SOIC8] FT93C46(x16) [TSSOP8] FT93C46(x8) FT93C46(x8) [SOIC8]
        FT93C46(x8) [TSSOP8] FT93C46A(x16) FT93C46A(x16) [SOIC8] FT93C46A(x16) [TSSOP8]
        FT93C46A(x8) FT93C46A(x8) [SOIC8] FT93C46A(x8) [TSSOP8] FT93C56(x16)
        FT93C56(x16) [SOIC8] FT93C56(x16) [TSSOP8] FT93C56(x8) FT93C56(x8) [SOIC8]
        FT93C56(x8) [TSSOP8] FT93C56A(x16) FT93C56A(x16) [SOIC8] FT93C56A(x16) [TSSOP8]
        FT93C56A(x8) FT93C56A(x8) [SOIC8] FT93C56A(x8) [TSSOP8] FT93C66(x16)
        FT93C66(x16) [SOIC8] FT93C66(x16) [TSSOP8] FT93C66(x8) FT93C66(x8) [SOIC8]
        FT93C66(x8) [TSSOP8] FT93C66A(x16) FT93C66A(x16) [SOIC8] FT93C66A(x16) [TSSOP8]
        FT93C66A(x8) FT93C66A(x8) [SOIC8] FT93C66A(x8) [TSSOP8]
        Fudan Microelect [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        FM24C02 FM24C02 [SOIC8] FM24C02 [TSSOP8] FM24C02A
        FM24C02A [SOIC8] FM24C02A [TSSOP8] FM24C02B FM24C02B [SOIC8]
        FM24C02B [TSSOP8] FM24C04 FM24C04 [SOIC8] FM24C04 [TSSOP8]
        FM24C04A FM24C04A [SOIC8] FM24C04A [TSSOP8] FM24C04B
        FM24C04B [SOIC8] FM24C04B [TSSOP8] FM24C08 FM24C08 [SOIC8]
        FM24C08 [TSSOP8] FM24C08A FM24C08A [SOIC8] FM24C08A [TSSOP8]
        FM24C08B FM24C08B [SOIC8] FM24C08B [TSSOP8] FM24C128A
        FM24C128A [SOIC8] FM24C128A [TSSOP8] FM24C16 FM24C16 [SOIC8]
        FM24C16 [TSSOP8] FM24C16A FM24C16A [SOIC8] FM24C16A [TSSOP8]
        FM24C16B FM24C16B [SOIC8] FM24C16B [TSSOP8] FM24C256A
        FM24C256A [SOIC8] FM24C256A [TSSOP8] FM24C32A FM24C32A [SOIC8]
        FM24C32A [TSSOP8] FM24C64A FM24C64A [SOIC8] FM24C64A [TSSOP8]
        Gatelevel [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        GM24LC02B GM24LC02B [SOIC8] GM24LC02B [TSSOP8] GM24LC04B
        GM24LC04B [SOIC8] GM24LC08B GM24LC08B [SOIC8] GM24LC16B
        GM24LC16B [SOIC8]
        Giantec [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        GT93C46(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C46(x16) [SOIC8] GT93C46(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C46(x8) [MSOP8]
        GT93C46(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C46(x8) [TSSOP8] GT93C46A(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C46A(x16) [SOIC8]
        GT93C46A(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C46A(x8) [MSOP8] GT93C46A(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C46A(x8) [TSSOP8]
        GT93C56(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C56(x16) [SOIC8] GT93C56(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C56(x8) [MSOP8]
        GT93C56(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C56(x8) [TSSOP8] GT93C56A(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C56A(x16) [SOIC8]
        GT93C56A(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C56A(x8) [MSOP8] GT93C56A(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C56A(x8) [TSSOP8]
        GT93C66(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C66(x16) [SOIC8] GT93C66(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C66(x8) [MSOP8]
        GT93C66(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C66(x8) [TSSOP8] GT93C66A(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C66A(x16) [SOIC8]
        GT93C66A(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C66A(x8) [MSOP8] GT93C66A(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C66A(x8) [TSSOP8]
        GT93C76(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C76(x16) [SOIC8] GT93C76(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C76(x8) [MSOP8]
        GT93C76(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C76(x8) [TSSOP8] GT93C86(x16) [MSOP8] GT93C86(x16) [SOIC8]
        GT93C86(x16) [TSSOP8] GT93C86(x8) [MSOP8] GT93C86(x8) [SOIC8] GT93C86(x8) [TSSOP8]
        GigaDevice [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        GD25D40 GD25D40 [SOP8-200] GD25D80 GD25D80 [SOP8-200]
        GD25F40 GD25F40 [SOP8-200] GD25F80 GD25F80 [SOP8-200]
        GD25Q10 [SOP8-150] GD25Q10 [SOP8-200] GD25Q16 GD25Q16 [SOP8-150]
        GD25Q16 [SOP8-200] GD25Q20 [SOP8-150] GD25Q20 [SOP8-200] GD25Q40 [SOP8-150]
        GD25Q40 [SOP8-200] GD25Q512 [SOP8-150] GD25Q512 [SOP8-200] GD25Q80
        GD25Q80 [SOP8-150] GD25Q80 [SOP8-200]
        Green Engine [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        GE24C01 GE24C01 [SOP8] GE24C01 [TSSOP8] GE24C02
        GE24C02 [SOP8] GE24C02 [TSSOP8] GE24C04 GE24C04 [SOP8]
        GE24C04 [TSSOP8]
        GTM [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        GP24BC01 GP24BC02 GP24BC04 GP24BC08
        GP24BC16 GSC24BC01 [SOP8] GSC24BC02 [SOP8] GSC24BC04 [SOP8]
        GSC24BC08 [SOP8] GSC24BC16 [SOP8] GSC93BC46A [SOP8] GSC93BC56A [SOP8]
        GSC93BC66A [SOP8]
        HN58X2402 [SOP8] HN58X2402 [TSSOP8] HN58X2404 [SOP8] HN58X2404 [TSSOP8]
        HN58X2408 [SOP8] HN58X2408 [TSSOP8] HN58X24128 [SOP8] HN58X2416 [SOP8]
        HN58X2416 [TSSOP8] HN58X24256 [SOP8] HN58X2432 [SOP8] HN58X2432 [TSSOP8]
        HN58X24512 [SOP8] HN58X2464 [SOP8] HN58X2464 [TSSOP8]
        HOLTEK [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        HT24C01 HT24C01 [SOP8] HT24C02 HT24C02 [SOP8]
        HT24C04 HT24C04 [SOP8] HT24C08 HT24C08 [SOP8]
        HT24C16 HT24C16 [SOP8] HT24LC01 HT24LC01 [SOP8]
        HT24LC02 HT24LC02 [SOP8] HT24LC02 [TSSOP8] HT24LC04
        HT24LC04 [SOP8] HT24LC04 [TSSOP8] HT24LC08 HT24LC08 [SOP8]
        HT24LC08 [TSSOP8] HT24LC16 HT24LC16 [SOP8] HT24LC16 [TSSOP8]
        HT24LC32 HT24LC32 [SOP8] HT24LC32 [TSSOP8] HT24LC64
        HT24LC64 [SOP8] HT24LC64 [TSSOP8] HT93LC46 HT93LC46 [SOP8-A]
        HT93LC46 [TSSOP8] HT93LC56-A HT93LC56-A [SOP8] HT93LC56-C
        HT93LC56-C [SOP8] HT93LC66 HT93LC66 [SOP8-A] HT93LC66 [TSSOP8]
        HT93LC76 HT93LC76 [SOP8] HT93LC86 HT93LC86 [SOP8-A]
        HT93LC86 [TSSOP8]
        Hopefind [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        HM24LC01 HM24LC01 [SOP8] HM24LC01 [TSSOP8] HM24LC02
        HM24LC02 [SOP8] HM24LC02 [TSSOP8] HM24LC04 HM24LC04 [SOP8]
        HM24LC04 [TSSOP8] HM24LC08 HM24LC08 [SOP8] HM24LC08 [TSSOP8]
        HM24LC16 HM24LC16 [SOP8] HM24LC16 [TSSOP8] HM24LC32
        HM24LC32 [SOP8] HM24LC32 [TSSOP8] HM24LC64 HM24LC64 [SOP8]
        HM24LC64 [TSSOP8]
        Hua Hong NEC [Serial EEPROM/FLASH]
        K24C02 K24C02 [SOP8] K24C02 [TSSOP8] K24C04
        K24C04 [SOP8] K24C04 [TSSOP8] K24C08 K24C08 [SOP8]
        K24C08 [TSSOP8]

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